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    Then become an author with FoodPassions.co.uk

    If you too are a foodie and want to write your own articles and have them posted on FoodPassions.co.uk then just drop me a line and provided you can convince me that you are serious then I’ll set you up with an account. If you do become an author then then you get:

    If you are interested then drop me a line at info@foodpassions.co.uk

    We only want people who have a genuine understanding and interest in what is expected of any particular restaurant. The idea is to be as objective as possible and to provide establishments with a critique that will help them to understand what they need to do to improve.

    To become an author you will:

    • be passionate about food
    • understand what is expected in a restaurant
    • have visited a large number of restaurants over the years
    • perhaps own or have owned your own restaurant
    • perhaps be a chef that can offer some insight as to what it is like on the other side
    • perhaps have a specialization that you would like to encourage others to take part

    We don’t want those who

    • just want to bad mouth the opposition
    • want to shout about how good their own restaurant is
    • cannot string a sentence together
    • want to be abusive
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