• 21Nov

    We recognise that there is no precise answer to everything an establishment is judged against all we can say is that following are things we are likely to consider when dining out.

                Greeting at the door
                Being offered a choice of tables to sit at
                Given the opportunity to have our coats taken
                Waiter / ess introducing themselves
                Format of the restaurant being explained
                Asking if we had eaten here before
                Asking if we would like to order drinks before ordering our meal
                Provided with a waiter/ess that cared for our needs

               The phone was answered in a professional manner
               The online facility was informative
               Our phone reservation was taken efficiently and without any fuss
               Being made aware of any special functions that may affect our experience

    Table Service
               The waiter/ess explained the specials to us
               The waiter/ess was able to explain how the meals is prepared / presented
               The waiter/ess asked if we had any special dietary considerations
               The waiter/ess understood which side of the table to serve from

               The quality of the food
               The appropriate quantity of food

               The table, dining and food preparation areas are clean
               The cutlery, napkins and glasses are clean
               Glasses are polished

               Toilets were clean and fresh
               There are soaps at the wash basin
               There are adequate toilet facilities
               The toilet doors have locks that work
               There are means of drying your hands without sharing towel

               Drinks are served without fingers grasping the glass lip
               Wine is poured from the right of the customer
               Wine is offered to taste before pouring
               More drinks are offered when glasses become empty

              Uniforms are ironed, clean and tidy
              Hands and nails are clean
              Hair if long is tied back
              Nobody should be preparing food or waiting on table with colds
              There is always something to do so show what to do when its quiet
              The manager should not be seen as the waiting staffs mate
              Staff should turn up at least 15 minutes before they start to wait on tables
              Spare clothes should be to hand to cover any mishaps
              Delegate someone to keep a watch on the cleanliness of the loos
              Brief the staff with regards to any specials and how dishes are prepared
              Teach them how to clean and prepare a table
              Keep your mobiles out of the restaurant

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