• 24Nov

    It never ceases to amaze me how restaurant owners have enough about them to put their hard earned cash into their own business and fail at some of the most obvious and free things they can do to make their business’ a success. Some of the things that are so often overlooked and so very annoying for the customer when they are not done include:

    1. Stand outside your own establishment and look at it as if you were a customer, is it clean and tidy?
    2. Think about what your staff are to do and get a training package put together that ensures your customers will receive a consistent professional experience every time
    3. Put together an induction training package so new staff understand what you expect
    4. Ensure that your waiters are wearing clean clothes / uniforms
    5. Menus need to be clean and not tatty
    6. Ensure your condiments are clean and full
    7. Get a member of staff to visit the toilets to check on cleanliness
    8. Glasses need to be polished not taken straight out of the dishwasher
    9. Cutlery should be checked before it is laid on the table
    10. Avoid staff huddles in public areas as this creates a them and us
    11. When food is delivered to the table get the staff to ask if anything else is required before leaving the guests to enjoy their meal
    12. Get your staff to stand confident introduce themselves and not to mumble
    13. If you have specials on offer don’t rely upon the waiting staff to communicate this to your guests as you are expecting your guests to concentrate and remember things, write them on a menu
    14. Make the bill easy to read
    15. If you have a manager ensure they manage and they do not just become another waiter
    16. Ensure your staff have something to do all the time – you are employing them so make them earn for you
    17. Have spare clothing available for staff so if they get food on their clothes then they can change
    18. Don’t get guests to add gratuity onto a credit card mahine. Many guests have poor eyesight and after a good meal they don’t to be concentrating on technology
    19. Once guests have finished and then leave their table get the table cleared, quickly and quietly.
    20. Never get your guests to sit at a dirty table and then clear the table around them
    21. Preparing a table after guests leave ensure that the floor and chairs are clean
    22. Make sure the staff understand what is on the menu and how it is prepared and presented
    23. If you have a car park make sure there is no litter in it
    24. Outside kitchen bins should hidden from view
    25. Think about staff uniforms. This does not have to be expensive, options include getting the staff to wear white shirt and black trouser, or give them an apron, or get them shirts with your logo on it
    26. Waiting staff hands and nails are to be clean
    27. Make a jug of water available with ice and lemon on the table without guests having to ask for it
    28. Train staff not to walk past tables that need clearing when they are on their way back to the kitchen.
    29. If you have an open fire then make sure its lit during the autumn and winter
    30. If you have candles on the table then always, always, always light them. Candles are lit for a very good reason and that is to give a dead table life.
    31. When wiping down tables, use a clean cloth, do all the table and don’t push the debris onto the floor
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