• 27Mar

    Let us be quite clear the Left Bank I am writing about here is in the Souk Al Bahar as we have not tried the others in Dubai.

    We are now well into double figures for the number of times we have eaten at the Left Bank in Souk Al Bahar and we are pleased to report that the food is great as too are the staff. It is always so clear when staff have been given some training and know what they are to do. The waiting staff are all Phillipino and all know what they are doing .

    Special note needs to go to the chef whom I have never met and understand that his name to be Alex Dixon.  He too I understand is Phillipino and brings that Asian twist to western dishes.  If I were to open a restaurant he would be the first I contact.

    The menu is not so extensive as to overstretch the kitchen and allows the dishes to be freshly prepared giving the chef the opportunity to concentrate on quality and presentation. The fillet steaks are superb as too are are the herb crusted lamb cutlets. Steamed mixed  vegetables are perfect and served in a seasoned oil dressing. The weakness on the menu is certainly the desert selection as these tend to lack that home made taste. Last time we went were given a complimentary desert which I believe was a sticky toffee pudding and were told is their best seller. Not good when the benchmark is set so high by the main course.

    We have never been to the Left Bank when it heaves with party people as we have learned that in Dubai you need to avoid the times when staff become stretched as the wheels tend to fall off very quickly.

    I wrote a none too endearing blog about The Hive in the same Souk and all that The Hive fails at, the Left Bank achieves admirably.

    The purist may argue that the Left Bank has a confused theme with not knowing if it’s a Bar, Restaurant or Night Club. It doesn’t matter as what they are doing works well and is consistent in its delivery of service and food.


    An excellent place to eat, drink and chill out. Provides high quality food and service by unpretentious staff who take pride in what they do. Keep it going.


    • Review the desserts menu