• 23Nov

    Venue: Take It To The Table, 127 High Street, Cranleigh, GU6 8AU
    Score: 6/10
    Food: Coffee and Cakes
    Group: 4 adults
    Date: 23rd November 2008 AM

    Always good to go into a coffee shop that provides something that is individual. Its clear that the owner is trying. The coffee is great although if you order a croisant or the like which needs to be warmed your food goes on some trip up and down stairs to the dreaded microwave. The service is friendly although lacks any distinction as we had a young waitress who was pleasant enough but would not stand out from any of the customers.

    A nice touch is the availability of a chess game which is good to see others play.

    Improvement Opportunities:

    1. Why not provide a small jug of water when guests first sit down – like you get all over Europe
    2. Do away with the microwave to reheat food
    3. Provide the waiting staff with uniforms even if its a simple apron.


    A relaxed place to have morning coffee and to date the nearest thing Cranleigh has to offer for a European Cafe experience. Lets hope that it maintains some consistency.

    If you have been to Take It to the Table then please let us know what you think

11 Responses

  • You forgot to mention their brilliant food! Lunch time at Take It (TTT) is by far and away the best in Cranleigh, or Guildford even.

  • What an unfair review. As a regular of this coffeeshop, I have never had my croissant microwaved, it’s always crispy. They serve the best coffee locally and the food is innovative and enjoyable. it’s a real gem.

  • What a surprising review above. I have been to Take It many many times and have never had such an experience as above. Would it be fair to say it could have been an off day! This place is as unique as they come with some amazing food and great atmosphere. Its only going to get more popular and I believe it has even appeared in the Good Food Guide this year!

  • I suppose everyone has a different experience but is it fair to rate what is an upmarket deli and fantastic restaurant on the basis of a single croissant? I’ve never had anything but the best food and drink at this wonderful place and if you’re into friendly but upmarket places where the food is top quality and the staff are friendly, then this is the place to go – oh and if you’re only popping in then my favourite is the hot chocolate! By the way, I don’t think they even have a microwave.

  • very unfair review I hope it does not put off potential customers. I had lunch there with some friends and the food was excellent, the service good and it had a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Can’t say I agree with this review. The coffee is good and the food is excellent. You have to go for dinner. The dishes are absolutely superb. The owners have made a real effort here and created something different that does not feel pretentious. It actually captures the European Cafe culture spot on. Recommended.

  • I just want to say that if you enjoy good friendly service, great coffee and fantastic food, Take-It is the leader. I have to say it’s probably the best venue south of Guilford. The only comment I would agree with the review is that it would be nice to see the staff in some unifrom to distinguish then from the diners.

  • would agree the food and drink is superb here. however the staff are very scruffy and a clean apron for the kitchen staff should be priority.
    i hope the owners read all these comments and make this an enjoyable place to unwind

  • We liked this cafe, nice coffee,lovely homemade biscuits. Wish it was open on Sundays.

  • Hi always delicious food and service I am writing in case you found my knitted hat which I may have left on the sofa Friday afternoon

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